2007 Center Review: Self Evaluation Report

March 12, 2008


Cover Center ReviewThis report was produced for the University at Albany’s Vice President for Research, in response to a policy requirement calling for periodic reviews of research centers and institutes. The report, prepared by Center staff, covers the period from the Center’s founding in 1993 to the present. It includes an overview of the Center’s history, where we stand today, and our vision for the future. Although the audience for this report was originally external to the Center, preparing the report gave us a valuable opportunity to reflect on our fifteen years of research and project efforts to improve government through IT innovation. As a result we have a new appreciation and pride in the contribution our work has made to the practice of government in New York State and beyond, as well as to the study of digital government world wide. Through this report we are sharing our vision and our progress with our University colleagues, the broader academic community, and our government and private sector partners and friends.