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Managing Social Media:
A Training Class for Government

Class Description

The use of social media tools in government, while still relatively new, has been steadily gaining acceptance at all levels of government across the country. Given the novelty of these tools, government professionals are searching for guidance on how to implement these tools in their organizations, and what issues and barriers they might encounter in this process. This class introduces some of the challenges associated with adopting social media tools in government, and delineates the differences between the three types of social media uses in government workspace. Participants will learn about the key components in developing a strategy for social media adoption in their agencies, the essential elements that need to be considered for a successful social media adoption, and how to design a social media initiative. Topics will include access, account management and maintenance, management of agency- and citizen-generated content, management of citizen engagement, and others. Some familiarity with web 2.0 and social networking technologies is recommended