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FGDC Cadastral Subcommittee
The FGDC Subcommittee is involved with standards development and partnership coordination related to cadastral information in the United States. This site contains information on national cadastral coordination, standards development, meetings and implementation activities.

Government Accountability Office (2004). Geospatial Information: Better Coordination Needed to Identify and Reduce Duplicative Investments. Report Number GAO-04-703.
Retrieved January 2005.

Oklahoma City Economic Development Information System (OKCEDIS)
The OKCEDIS is an Internet GIS application that offers immediate access to economic, business, planning, geographic, and demographic information in real time via the web. The Web site application allows users to view, create, and print maps; perform site selection searches; and customize and analyze demographic and business data.

PSOMAS. (2003). California Digital Land Records Information: Requirements and Findings. documents/CA-land-records-needs.pdf
Retrieved January 2005.

State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration, Land Modernization and Integration Plan, Final Instructions wlip_limiplans_instructions.pdf
Retrieved in February 2004.

The National Academy of Sciences. (1980). Need for a Multipurpose Cadastre.
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Walsh, T. (2004). Illinois county puts property data on the Web. Government Computer News. Vol 23, Issue 24.
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