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Scope of Work
The employee survey, conducted during March and April 2006, covered nearly 5000 IT professionals employed by about 60 state agencies, authorities, and boards. The CIO survey occurred during the same time period. The surveys addressed 11 groups of skills ranging from programming to system design and development, to IT management, to general administration. The employee survey asked respondents to indicate their current proficiency in specific skills within each group, as well as their need for training in these skills. The CIO survey asked agency IT leaders for their expectations about the need for the same skills three years into the future. Both surveys were based on a similar effort conducted by the federal government.

Survey analysis included current skills profiles as well as future need profiles, and a gap analysis explored the differences between them.

The project results are being used to:
  • Provide training opportunities for employees to acquire needed additional skills.
  • Develop training courses to meet identified needs.
  • Address long-term development needs for employees.
  • Assist employees in identifying career opportunities.
  • Provide a template for future employee involvement in charting the direction for the IT workforce.
Products included statewide reports and presentations as well as agency-level analyses.