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The Intergovernmental Solutions Program
A partnership between the University at Albany's Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy and New York State to develop a professional learning community focused on intergovernmental effectiveness. Program goals are to capture and share knowledge about how successful intergovernmental work occurs.

Partnership for Intergovernmental Innovation (PI2) contentType=GSA_OVERVIEW
This intergovernmental innovation group of federal, state, and county government officials was formed in 1999 to provide intergovernmental innovators a resource to overcome barriers in process, policy, and regulation, and to serve as a platform for discussion and collective action.

Office of Intergovernmental Solutions contentType=GSA_BASIC
The Office of Intergovernmental Solutions is part of the US General Services Administration. It aims to build a community of intergovernmental managers to identify, analyze, and help solve major issues affecting electronic governments in the 21st century. This Web site is a place where government officials can go to learn about practices in other governments to find sources of information and experts in related initiatives.