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Scope of Work
The objective of this project was to identify and document the practices associated with successful state-local information systems by studying the experiences of these eleven initiatives in New York State:
  • Aging Network: Client Based Service Management System Project
  • Electronic Filing of Local Government Annual Financial Reports
  • Electronic Death Certificate Project
  • Electronic Transfer of Dog License Data
  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses
  • Immunization Information Systems Project
  • Probation Automation Project
  • Real Property System Version 4
  • SALESNET (Real Property Transfer Reporting)
  • Local Social Services District Imaging Project
  • Electronic Voter Registration
Information needed to support the project objective was gathered in four ways: (1) a literature and current practice review; (2) an effort to describe the eleven participating projects in a standard, comparable way; (3) a survey of both state and local participants in each project; and (4) focus group interviews with the project teams. The Governor's Task Force established a Special Work Group on State-Local Information Systems to serve as both a planning and advisory body for the overall project.