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Scope of Work

State Government Digital Information Preservation Survey

From the Library of Congress States Workshops, LC and CTG learned that state librarians, archivists, records managers, and other partners related to digital preservation, overwhelmingly supported LC efforts to:
  1. Assemble information to develop digital preservation profiles for each state and territory, and
  2. Explore opportunities to establish collaborative partnerships with the states.
CTG’s work in the next phase of this project involved managing a systematic survey of the states and territories to:
  • Task 1. Collect information needed for the state and territory digital preservation profiles.
  • Task 2. Gather details about the specific kinds of digital information identified as priorities by workshop participants and that has value to the Congress and the nation as a whole.
For both tasks, CTG worked with the leadership of relevant professional organizations serving state librarians, archivists, and others with an interest in the long-term management of state government digital information.

CTG launched the State Government Digital Information Preservation Survey in January 2006. The Web-based survey was e-mailed to state librarians, archivists, and records managers in all 50 states, 4 territories, and the District of Columbia.

During the final phase of the project, CTG analyzed the results of the survey and produced the following two resources to support current and future state and national digital preservation efforts. Please click on the below links to view both the baseline report and state profiles: CTG notified via e-mail all survey participants, attendees of the Library of Congress States Workshops, and others who expressed an interest in the survey results that the survey products were available on CTG’s Web site.

CTG will stay engaged with the Library of Congress and other members of the digital preservation community to explore ways to continue the state profiles beyond 2006 and maintain an updated and useful resource.

Finally, CTG always encourages feedback on its publications and other resources in support of producing practical and useful resources for government professionals and those academic and private sector professionals that support them. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.

Library of Congress States Workshops and Digital Preservation Capability Assessment and Planning Toolkit

In the spring of 2005, CTG assisted the Library of Congress (LC) in orchestrating a unique national forum for states and territories to discuss digital preservation needs. The aim of this forum was to guide investments to preserve at-risk state government digital information by hearing from state government practitioners about the issues they are facing in planning and managing digital preservation projects. This activity was part of the Library’s National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) and the forum was a continuation of LC’s effort to serve as a change agent for digital preservation through partnerships with stakeholders. It allowed LC to collect experiences, concerns, perspectives, and recommendations to inform the development of next steps for LC in ensuring the preservation of state government digital information. This collection of input will be used by LC to leverage existing partnerships and build new ones that will result in new preservation strategies and successes.

The national forum included three one-day workshops conducted by the Library of Congress and CTG in the Washington, DC area. Workshop participants included state-level librarians, archivists, records managers, representatives from state offices of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), and other professionals.

All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and three territories sent teams, the majority of which were comprised of three members, to one of three workshops. Across the workshops, 67 librarians, 53 archivists, 13 records managers, and 20 IT professionals were in attendance. Each workshop had a geographically diverse mix of between 14 to 19 states and at least one territory represented. CTG facilitated a series of large and small group discussions and exercises to obtain information from states in the following areas:
  1. Top concern related to the preservation of state government digital information.
  2. Major state government information digital preservation success story.
  3. The topic about which each state would most like to network with others states.
  4. The state government digital information considered to be most at-risk.
  5. How can states extend or build partnership networks?
  6. Preservation-related roles the states and the Library should fill and not fill
Also, in conjunction with planning the workshops, CTG developed a capability assessment and planning toolkit to assist state government practitioners in planning and implementing digital preservation projects. Copies of this toolkit were provided to all of the workshop participants during the three workshops.

For results of the workshops please see the Library of Congress report at