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Enterprise Content Management Deliverables
The Center for Technology in Government developed an ECM Five Step Intake Process for the NYS Homes and Community Renewal, along with a set of tools to carry out an agency-wide implementation. These deliverables are described below:

ECM Strategy 5 Step Intake Process: Outlines the intake process and points to other materials in the packet that can support each process step.

Guide to Business Process Analysis for an Enterprise Content Management Intake Process: A “how to” guide including scripts and templates on conducting a BPA that can support the intake of program units records into an ECM.

HOME Disbursements Program Process Improvement Recommendations: High-level process improvement recommendations for the HOME Disbursement Financial Process focused on the handling of records and information.

Records Retention and Information Security Classification Guide: A “how to” guide to classifying records for retention, security and access purposes that will support the intake of records into an ECM.

HOME Disbursement Records Retention Issues: A summary of the specific records retention and management issues related to HOME Disbursement Financial Processing records.

Integrating the HOME Disbursement and Warrant Processes into an ECM System: Logical architecture and data schemas for the intake of HOME Disbursement and Warrant Processes records into the ECM based on the findings from the BPA and records classification phases of the project. Also provides a general approach for producing such architectures for other HCR business processes.

CTG HCR ECM Project Recommended Next Steps: List of recommended follow-up work to actually integrate HOME Disbursement and Warrant Processing records into the ECM.

For more information on these deliverables and how your agency can work with CTG to develop similar ECM strategies, please contact Brian Burke.