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Scope of Work
Government managers have been experimenting with team-based organizations and work assignments organized around complete service or administrative processes. Since nearly every service follows an implicit order of action steps and information flow, government agencies have become increasingly interested in technologies to support group functioning and process-oriented operations.

The Center's first technology testbed project investigated "groupware" products that support this trend. Several state agencies tested and evaluated tools to support work flow, document management, project management, and "any time, any place" meetings.

The Technology Testbed Program at the Center for Technology in Government was created to offer limited experimentation and rapid prototype development in selected classes of information technologies. The Groupware Testbed was the first such project, carried out from February through October 1994. It investigated new technologies that support work groups and teams. Several state agencies experimented with custom work flow, project management, document management, and meeting support systems using groupware tools.

The Groupware Testbed investigated only a few of the many products on the market: WordPerfect InForms, a work flow management tool provided by WordPerfect Corporation, Lotus Notes a document database and communications infrastructure tool provided by Lotus Development Corporation, and DecisionWeb, an "any time, any place" meeting support tool created at the University of Budapest.