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Gateways to the Past, Present, and Future: Practical Guidelines for Electronic Records Access Programs


Publications & Results

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Funding Sources

Scope of Work

Contact Information


Government Partners
Corporate Partners
  • AlbanyNet, Inc. now known as VeraNet Solutions

Center for Technology in Government

  • David Connelly, Graduate Assistant
  • Meghan Cook, Project Management Specialist
  • Sharon Dawes, Director
  • Kristine Kelly, Research Associate
  • Theresa Pardo, Project Director
The Gateways Advisory Committee will provide advice, information, and recommendations to the NYS Center for Technology in Government (CTG), and the New York State Archives on the activities and results of the project. The committee will be asked to provide feedback on the relevance of the issues and the design of the products and usefulness of the project results.

  • Tora Bikson, Rand Corporation
  • Lisa Brzezicki, MasterCard International
  • Philip B. Eppard, Information Science and Policy, University at Albany
  • Richard Farrell, University at Albany
  • Paul Fisk, NYS Division of the Budget
  • David Goodall, NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Steven Gorrie, State Farm Insurance Companies
  • Eleanor Gossen, University at Albany
  • Peter Hirtle, Cornell Institute for Digital Collections
  • Robert Hord, Xerox Corporation
  • Norman J. Jacknis, Westchester County
  • Lloyd Lininger, School of Public Health, University at Albany
  • Terrence Maxwell, NYS Forum for Information Resource Management
  • Charles McClure, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University
  • George Musa, NYS Psychiatric Institute
  • Will Pelgrin, NYS Office for Technology
  • Lisa Radcliffe, HELP USA
  • Pamela Rinehart, US Patent & Trademark Office
  • Kenneth Thibodeau, National Archives & Records Administration

Expert Panel

  • Tora Bikson, Rand Corporation
  • Phillip Coombs, Washington State Archives
  • Philip B. Eppard, Information Science and Policy, University at Albany
  • Robert Horton, Minnesota Historical Society
  • Geoffrey Huth, New York State Education Department
  • Alan Kowlowitz, NYS Office for Technology
  • Ekkehard Mochmann, Central Archive for Empirical Social Research
  • Andy Potter, National Archives & Records Administration