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From its modest beginning in the late 1940s, the publicly supported research enterprise has grown, matured, and evolved into a $112-billion endeavor involving thousands of organizations and investigators representing every scientific discipline and field of knowledge. More than 20 agencies contribute to federal investments in research and development in the form of grants for basic and applied research, development, and supporting equipment and facilities.

This project examined the challenges facing the researchenterprise with an eye toward uncovering an ideal future. The project report presents an agenda for achieving the ideal future and includes a set of action items for participants of the research enterprise.

With funding and cooperation from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, CTG conducted interviews, focus groups, and a national workshop with investigators, funding agencies, research administrators, and political leaders.

The project report, "Finding Our Future: A Research Agenda for the Research Enterprise," offers a vision of the ideal research enterprise and lays out a supporting research and action agenda to help achieve it. The report emphasizes the need to understand and manage complexity, risk, and diversity; to harness rapid technological change; and to respond to an ever-changing array of relationships and expectations.