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Scope of Work
One of the key factors identified through a series of discussions the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP) has had with state and local agencies is the need for outreach to leaders, at all three levels of government, concerning the importance and benefits of integration within the criminal justice systems integration.

In a meeting attended by representatives of 25 states, participants expressed a strong need for a "business case" for integration that can be promoted nationwide. The report of that meeting states:

"Executive level sponsors are critical to state and local initiatives... There is a need to develop an outreach/education strategy immediately. The strategy should be based on a business case and include a mission statement for the Integration Initiative. Emphasis should be on reaching elected officials and senior policy makers."

The report also emphasizes the need for a definition of "integration," and acknowledges that the term means different things to different people.

CTG assisted OJP in the development of a "Business Case for Criminal Justice Systems Integration" by working with a selected group of federal, state, and local officials to describe the audiences they must address, the issues these audiences face, and the arguments that will be persuasive to them. Equally important, this work further addresses the interplay of federal, state, and local needs, resources, and goals that were a major feature of the DOJ-sponsored meetings. The results recommend tools and strategies to help elected leaders and senior executives understand their roles and choices.

The Center assisted in this work in several ways:

  • Conducted a brief reconnaissance study of the issues, barriers, and resources typical at different levels of government and in different kinds of agency and community settings.
  • Conducted an intergovernmental workshop to establish the common and unique criteria by which different categories of policy makers assess investments in integrated systems and programs.
  • Prepared a multi-faceted business case for use in different settings.
  • Developed a report to the Office of Justice Programs about the conflicts, synergies, and gaps that need to be addressed in national policies and programs to promote integration.