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Moving Toward an Electronic Health Record at the NYS Department of Correctional Services


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Scope of Work
The project was carried out in three overlapping phases.

Phase One:
Phase one involved research on the EHR landscape in the United States generally and within the context of the correctional community, as well as research on the commonly agreed upon costs and benefits associated with EHR adoption and use. CTG conducted site visits and teleconferences with agencies and correctional departments of other states that have or are in the process of adopting EHR systems.

Phase Two:
Phase two focused on the development of a comprehensive description of the medical services environment in NYS DOCS. This included the identification and high-level modeling of key business processes associated with medical care in NYS correctional facilities and the primary stakeholders in these processes. The project also included an analysis of the various aspects of the medical record itself and related policies and management issues such as HIPAA and enterprise-wide data standards.

Phase Three:
Phase three focused on a more detailed analysis of the policy, management, and technology issues related to the adoption of an EHR within NYS DOCS. It was comprised of interviews with staff from a number of medical services units throughout the state. The challenges facing medical services unit staff as they deliver medical services to inmates and their perspectives on the costs and benefits related to the adoption and use of an electronic medical record were explored during these interviews.