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Increasing Information Sharing Effectiveness: A Capability Assessment Model for the Justice Enterprise


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Scope of Work
The two-year study addressed two key research questions:
  • How can justice organizations assess their current capability for sharing and integrating information?
  • How can these organizations build higher levels of sharing and integration capability?
The model was developed through extensive collaboration with justice system practitioners and leadership organizations. These included the National Governor's Association, National Association of State Chief Information Officers, and the Justice Information Sharing Professionals.

The model is designed to produce both holistic assessment profiles and reasonably detailed measures of sharing capabilities and integration levels in a wide range of settings. It will also link assessments to strategies for addressing gaps in capability. This capability model answers the two key questions noted above, plus provides guidance for implementing information sharing policies and initiatives.

The capability of any group of agencies or jurisdictions to improve information sharing and integration is a composite of many kinds of human and technical resources and organizational capacities. No single measure or index can capture the necessary information about the complete situation. In developing these capability assessment tools CTG examined four broad categories of factors: policy, organizational, technology, and data.

Specifically, the model addresses the following questions with respect to the organization(s) involved in or planning a particular information sharing initiative.
  • What is the current level or degree of information sharing and integration?
  • How effective is it?
  • What is the current capability for improving effectiveness of information sharing and integration?
  • What strategies and resources are needed to achieve current sharing and integration improvement goals?
The usability of the Toolkit was tested in the field in a state-wide initiative, a large city, and a county-level information integration initiative. It was also examined by justice professionals from several smaller jurisdictions for usability and validity in those settings. These field tests were critical to the final Toolkit as they resulted in confirmation of the value of the Toolkit as well as some modifications to the final product.