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Government Partners

Center for Technology in Government

  • Anthony M. Cresswell, Principal Investigator
  • Theresa A. Pardo, Co-Principal Investigator
  • Sharon Dawes, Co-Principal Investigator
  • Donna S. Canestraro, Project Manager
  • Dubravka Juraga, Research Associate
  • Jose Ramón Gil-Garcia, Graduate Assistant
  • Carrie Schneider, Graduate Assistant



  • Denise Baer, University of New Orleans
  • Mary Barnett, New York County District Attorney's Office
  • Theresa Brandorff, Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System
  • David Clopton, System Planning Corporation
  • Matthew D'Alessandro, Motorola (attending on behalf of Integrated Justice Information Systems)
  • F. Michael Donovan, New York State Police Department
  • Christopher Gahan, Massachusetts District Attorney's Association
  • Jack Gallt, National Association of State Chief Information Officers
  • KennethGill, US Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs
  • Kristin Gonzenbach, DeKalb County, Georgia
  • Kristine Hamann, New York County District Attorney's Office
  • Thomas Henderson, National Center for State Courts
  • Thomas Herzog, New York State Division of Parole
  • Gwen Kelly-Holden, National Governors Association C. Ted Hom, New York City Police Department
  • Robert Koberger, New York State Department of Correctional Services
  • Thomas Kooy, CRIMNET, State of Minnesota
  • Fern Laethem, Sacramento County Public Protection Agency
  • Jenine Larsen, National Criminal Justice Association
  • Erin Lee, National Governors Association
  • J. Patrick McCreary, US Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs
  • Holly Bockbrader Mathews , Toledo/Lucas County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
  • Leigh Middleditch, State Attorney's Office for Baltimore City
  • Mark Myrent, Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
  • Paul O'Connell, Iona College
  • Liz Pearson, Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute
  • Mark Perbix, Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System
  • Donald Price, Washington State Department of Corrections
  • Brian Richards, Sacramento County Integrated Justice
  • Linda Rosenberg, Pennsylvania Justice Network (JNET)
  • Moira O'Leary Rowley, ACS
  • Joseph Scagluiso, New York City Police Department
  • Peter Scharf, Center for Society, Law & Justice University of New Orleans
  • Valerie Shanley, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
  • James Shea, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
  • Tammy Woodhams, Kalamazoo Criminal Justice Council
  • Michael Zimmerman, Hennepin County (Minnesota) Information Technology Department

Review Teams

  • Bruce Baicar, US Department of Justice
  • Thomas MacLellan, NGA Center for Best Practices
  • Pennsylvania JNET:
    • Dave Woolfenden, Pennsylvania Justice Network
  • Justice Information Sharing Professionals (JISP):
    • Dwayne Campbell, Mecklenburg County Court Services
    • Paul Embley, Practitioners Resource Group,
    • Bonnie Locke, Director of Administration for National Law Enforcement Telecommunication System (NLETS), (Formerly of Wisconson Office of Justice Assistance),
    • John Nanni, Tennessee State Integrated Criminal Justice Information Project
    • Catherine Plummer, SEARCH
    • Pamela Scanlon, Automated Regional Justice Information System
    • Laurie Smith, Kalamazoo Criminal Justice Council
  • Integrated Justice Information System Institute (IJIS)
    • Susan Bates, Justice Management Inc.
    • Steve Mednick, Law Offices of Steven G. Mednick (Current President of Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute)
    • Stephanie Rondenell, ACG Inc.