Taewoo Nam

Taewoo Nam

Research Fellow


  • Local and city administration
  • Intergovernmental relationships: horizontal and vertical relationships
  • Citizen engagement and participation in policy making and public services
  • Government innovation through ICTs

Brief Bio

Dr. Taewoo Nam has been working for the Department of Public Administration at Myongji University, Korea as an assistant professor since 2013.

He earned his PhD degree in Public Administration from the University at Albany.

He worked for the Center for Technology in Government as Graduate Assistant between 2009 and 2012.

Since then he has been participating in the multinational research project, Smart Cities Service Integration.

Using the findings from the project, he published some articles (in the bio below) and a doctoral dissertation titled as Modeling Municipal Service Integration: A Comparative Case Study of New York and Philadelphia 311 Systems.

He is interested in city and local administration, intergovernmental relationships, citizen participation, and digital government.

His publications appear in various academic journals in the field of public administration and information science including:

  • Government Information Quarterly
  • International Journal of Public Administration
  • International Review of Administrative Sciences
  • International Review of Public Administration
  • Social Science Computer Review
  • Journal of Urban Technology
  • Journal of Information Technology
  • Politics, and Information Polity

He is an advisor in the evaluation board of the Korean national government.

He helps the national government evaluate the performance of national informatization initiatives and programs.

He plays some administrative roles in Korean academic associations including the Korean Society of Organizational Studies, the Korean Research Association of Personnel Administration, and the Korean Association of Policy Analysis and Evaluation.

Selected Publications

Taewoo Nam (forthcoming). “Technology use and work-life balance.” Applied Research in Quality of Life. DOI: 10.1007/s11482-013-9283-1.

Taewoo Nam & Theresa A. Pardo (2014). “The changing face of a city government: A case study of Philly311.” Government Information Quarterly, 31(S1): S1–S9.

Taewoo Nam & Theresa A. Pardo (2014). “Understanding municipal service integration: An exploratory study on 311 contact centers.” Journal of Urban Technology, 21(1): 55–76.

Taewoo Nam (2014). “Determining the type of e-government use.” Government Information Quarterly, 31(2): 211–220.

Taewoo Nam (2014). “Assessing operational and collaborative performance management.” International Journal of Public Administration, 37(8), 514–527.

Taewoo Nam (2013). “Citizen participation in visioning a progressive city.” International Review of Public Administration, 18(3): 117–139.

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  • Ph.D., Public Administration, 2012, Rockefeller College, University at Albany
  • MPA, 2007, Public Affairs, Indiana University at Bloomington
  • MPA, 2000, Public Administration, Korea University
  • B.S., 1998, Korea University