Brian Burke

G. Brian Burke

Managing Director


  • Cross-boundary and transnational knowledge and information sharing networks
  • Assessing the value of government information technology investments
  • Government information management strategies

Brief Bio

Brian is the managing director of CTG UAlbany.

He is responsible for ensuring operations support of CTG UAlbany's mission and the strategic goals of the University at Albany.

He works closely with governments at all levels helping them develop better policies, management practices, and information and communication technologies that improve performance and services.

Brian also serves as vice president of the University at Albany chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. In this role, he helps identify the most outstanding arts and sciences students for induction into the nation’s oldest academic honor society.

Previously, Brian worked for AT&T Government Solutions in the Office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense and he served as an officer in the United States Air Force.

Selected Publications

Google Scholar Profile

  • Dawes, S.S. & Burke, G.B. Building Transnational Knowledge Networks to Tackle Global Problems. Albany, NY: Center for Technology in Government, 2011.
  • Burke, G.B., Chris M. Wirth, Theresa A. Pardo, Amy D. Sullivan, Hyuckbin Kwon, and J. Ramon Gil-Garcia (2010). Moving Beyond Hierarchies: Creating Effective Collaboration Networks for West Nile Virus Biosurveillance in Oregon. In Dorothy Norris-Tirrell and Joy A. Clay (Eds). The Practice of Strategic Collaboration: From Silos to Action. Taylor and Francis.
  • Pardo, T.A. & Burke, G.B. Improving Government Interoperability: A capability framework for government managers. Albany, NY: Center for Technology in Government, 2011.
  • Burke, G.B. Government Information Locator System and Government Information Management in the United States. Journal of Library Science in China, 4, pp. 77-82, 2008. (Article translated and published in Chinese).
  • Cresswell, A.M., Burke, G.B. and Pardo, T.A. Advancing Return on Investment Analysis for Government IT: A Public Value Framework. Albany, NY: Center for Technology in Government, 2006.

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  • M.A., International Relations, 2003, Creighton University
  • B.A., History and Political Science, 1994, Rutgers College