The World Wide Web as a Universal Interface to Government Services Technology Report

Feb. 24, 1997
Contact: Ben Meyers
(518) 442-3892

Albany, NY - The Center for Technology in Government (CTG) in New York has just published the results of its project to examine and demonstrate the technical capabilities of the World Wide Web as a universal interface for the delivery of government services. The results of the project showed that the Web can be a universal interface for the delivery of services to citizens and for conducting business within and among state and local agencies. Whether it will be used to full advantage depends on the knowledge, tools, and infrastructure of the citizens and organizations that could benefit.

CTG's technical project included prototype development and technical evaluation of a wide variety of Web-based tools for information sharing, business applications, group collaboration, and education. The report explains information capabilities such as concept searching, Web agents, cookies, video streaming, and virtual reality. Of particular interest to government managers who rely on mainframe systems is the development of a Web to legacy system for a major nationwide database, America's Job Bank, as well as the creation of a prototype for an existing database application at the State University of New York. Group collaboration tools were reviewed and computer-based learner-center models of education were part of the project as well.

Primary public sector and non-profit partners included:

  • SUNY System Administration,
  • SUNY Plattsburgh,
  • NYSERNet.

The project team also included six corporate partners:

  • Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group/DRT Systems,
  • Bluestone, Inc.,
  • EMI Communications Corporation,
  • Microsoft Corporation,
  • NYNEX, and
  • Silicon Graphics.

CTG researchers suggest that those interested in the report use the hypertext version since it includes hundreds of links to other Web sites. This version also contains a search engine and other navigation aids. Please note that this report documents the technical portion of CTG's Internet Testbed project.

The mission of the Center for Technology in Government at the University at Albany is to foster public sector innovation, enhance capability, generate public value, and support good governance. We carry out this mission through applied research, knowledge sharing, and collaboration at the intersection of policy, management, and technology.