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Purpose and Overview

This study was conducted to provide knowledge about current criminal justice information integration initiatives as a basis for designing business case materials. To be effective, a business case for criminal justice information integration must be specific about its objectives, practical in its approaches, and realistic in assessing its prospects for success. Therefore it must be grounded in the realities and problems of criminal justice information use and responsive to the main issues affecting attempts at integration.1 While the overall objectives of information integration may be common across many states and localities, the specific issues and problems to be solved vary greatly. This study was conducted to examine current initiatives and their context in local, specific terms. The resulting details about the types of initiatives underway, their objectives, and progress form a very useful basis for business case development and for broader understanding of integration in general.

1 For simplicity this report uses the term “integration” to represent the more specific term “criminal justice information integration” since the latter is somewhat cumbersome for repeated use. It is not meant to imply integration of the institutions and agencies themselves.