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Maximizing Current and Future Mobile Technology Investments book cover
Maximizing Current and Future Mobile Technology Investments in New York State Child Protective Services
Thu, 10 Dec 2008 >Download PDF
Meghan E. Cook, Natalie Helbig, Anthony M. Cresswell, Fawzi H. Mulki, and Bahadir K. Akcam

NYS's Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) and the Center for Technology in Government (CTG) partnered to conduct an extended study of the use of connected laptops in child protective services (CPS). Previous pilot and demonstration assessments established a solid foundation of information to support a reasonably clear picture of the short term impacts of deploying and using laptops in CPS work. This assessment allowed a longer time period for data collection (8-10 months) and provided an opportunity to learn more about how laptops are integrated into CPS work, including examining mobility, productivity and satisfaction. This study also examines the long-term impacts and conditions necessary to maximize current and future mobile technology investments in NYS's child protective services.

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