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Chapter 1 - Laying the Foundation for Value-Generating Change in New York State

Most strategies for achieving the goals of cost reduction, increased transparency, and improved service quality require coordinated action across the boundaries of organizations. Making information technology decisions through coordinated action often requires new governance capability. In pursuit of these goals, officials in New York State began looking toward enhanced enterprise Information Technology (IT) governance. The result was the launch of a collaborative and consensus-driven project led by the Center for Technology in Government and organized to ensure active participation of key actors in New York State government. The participants included officials from the New York State Office of the Chief Information Officer and the New York State Office for Technology (CIO/OFT), control agencies such as the Division of the Budget and the Office of the State Comptroller, members of the New York State CIO Council, and other agency and local government CIOs. In addition, input was gathered from existing IT-related governance bodies already operating in the state.

This project produced a set of recommendations for creating value for the state through enhanced enterprise IT governance.1 The recommendations were designed to incorporate the authority arrangements and decision making processes necessary to achieve strategic enterprise IT objectives, such as those laid out in Plan 2010 – Going from Good to Great,2 in addition to further enabling agency and domain-level decision making. Through the Plan 2010, New York State agency CIOs are being empowered and expected to drive IT innovations, technology standardization, and interoperability in a collaborative environment to achieve integrated and cost-effective IT solutions. The Plan calls specifically for the creation of an “inclusive and collaborative decision-making process for future IT investments.”3 The recommendations and implementation success factors presented here support the realization of this goal.

This report is organized into four chapters with a set of appendices. Chapter one provides an introduction to the project and to enterprise IT governance, including the foundational concepts of governance. In addition, chapter one includes the public value framework, which was used in the project to ensure a focus on designing value-generating change. Chapter two presents key findings from the current practices review. Chapter three provides an overview of the evolution of enterprise IT governance in New York State, closing with a description of the current environment and some observations about the value and challenges in that environment. Chapter four includes the recommendations generated from the participants for enhancements to the current governance structure, along with some implementation guidance.

1 See Appendix A of this report for a list of the companion documents produced as a part of this project, which are available on the CTG web site at
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