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IT Innovation in Government: Toward an Applied Research Agenda, Part Two: The researcher perspective

Government Information Technology Issues -- The researcher perspective

This paper is a preliminary attempt to summarize and categorize current or recent government IT research. The results presented below were derived from a literature review that first focused on identifying recent publications of individuals invited to participate in the workshop. Additional literature dealing with government IT research was also included in the summary. The primary limitation of the method used to identify research interests and papers was an almost exclusive dependence on materials found in books and peer-reviewed journal articles, although some preliminary Web searching was also conducted. Another limitation of this method is that the search included only journals published in English. Therefore, there are very limited cites for individuals who publish in journals in other languages. This limitation makes it especially important that authors identify missing citations. Lastly, the search was limited, for the most part, to materials published within the last ten years.

As a result, we have surely missed some very interesting and relevant research material published directly by research centers or found in unpublished white papers or project reports. We have also likely missed seminal works by researchers not participating in the workshop. We hope that these additional materials will be identified by the workshop participants.

The companion paper (Government Information Technology Issues- the practitioner perspective) provides a preliminary summary and categorization of the issues or topics that have been identified as important to practitioners.