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Chapter 3. Understanding the NYS DOCS

Any government organization engaged in an enterprisewide transformation effort must be aware of the context within which they are working; i.e., the social, political, and economic environment and the management, policy, and technology characteristics of the organization itself and of other organizations involved in and affected by the transformation. In this section we provide a brief description of some of the inherent environmental characteristics of NYS DOCS. These characteristics are unchangeable, resulting from the size and the complexity of New York’s correctional system, as well as the conflicting goals of the correctional and health care professionals. The remainder of the chapter then discusses 18 key findings about the current environment drawn from the data collected through interviews with central office and facility-based medical, administrative, and information technology professionals. A variety of documents were also used in this analysis. These observations provide the foundation for the discussion of benefits presented in chapter four and the recommendations for next steps presented in chapter five.