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Appendix B. Project timeline

Date Event

October, 1995 “NYS On the Internet” Strategic Planning Meeting

January, 1996 Internet Services Project Kickoff Meeting

February, 1996 Workshop # 1 - Strategic Framework for Internet Services

March, 1996 Workshop #2a - Designing your Agency Web Site

Workshop #2b - Web Server Options

Release of the Web-based WWW Starter Kit

April, 1996 Workshop #3- Internet Connection Options

May, 1996 Workshop #3 - Technical Awareness Presentation, CGI and Firewalls

June, 1996 Workshop #5 - Cost and Performance Factors for

Developing and Operating Internet-based Services

Public Demonstration of Results

August, 1996 Evaluation Interviews

September, 1996 Release of Developing & Delivering Government Services on the World Wide Web

December, 1996 Interactive Cost Worksheet for Developing and Operating

Internet-based Services on CTG Web Site

Final Project Report