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NYS agencies go online

The seven project agencies and their initial goals

The range of services that can be delivered with Web technologies is as varied as the agency programs themselves. The seven agencies in the Internet Services Testbed reflect the wide range of program areas that can take advantage of the Web. For many of the participants, the project offered the first opportunity to experience the Internet. For all, it was their first opportunity to experiment with the Web as a service delivery mechanism. Their initial project goals are outlined below:
  • Empire State Development, Office of Motion Picture and TV Development (MPTV). MPTV planned to use the Internet as a marketing tool to showcase New York State and its resources for film and television producers. The Internet site would show locations and identify facilities and services available statewide. The site would deliver multi-media information illustrating the diversity and desirability of New York State sites as production locations.
  • Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC). The Committee sought to focus on public information and education about highway and vehicle safety by developing Internet services such as online consumer information about car seats, licensing, rules of the road, accident reporting, and vehicle inspection and repair.
  • Hamilton County and the NYS Performance Measurement, Reporting, and Improvement System Project. The staff of the NYS Performance Measurement, Reporting, and Improvement System Project were taking steps to implement a Center for Employment Related Education and Literacy (CEREL) within the University at Albany’s School of Education. Project staff and county officials planned to construct an electronic bulletin board and private communications system for providers of adult education, training, and workforce preparation services to share client and program data. A main component of the electronic bulletin board would be a directory of services accessible to both service providers and customers.
  • NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR). DHCR’s Internet services plan included access to the agency’s policies, laws, codes, court decisions, guidelines, fact sheets, and program applications. The project would also develop access to the agency’s major databases (such as building and apartment information) and would link to other federal, state, and local housing resources. The agency also planned to explore the Internet as a way to disseminate software to program constituents.
  • NYS Division of Military and Naval Affairs (DMNA). DMNA planned to explore five services including communications of local government requests for emergency and disaster assistance, transmission of vehicle emissions control data between DMNA facilities and the Department of Motor Vehicles, marketing of leasable DMNA facilities to paying customers, marketing recruiting opportunities in the military, and providing labor rates for construction projects for state agencies.
  • NYS Office of Real Property Services (ORPS). The ORPS project plan included dissemination of information for taxpayers and communications and information sharing with local assessors and County Real Property Tax Directors. The project would also explore publication of large documents and automated publication of database information in addition to developing an ArcView or ARC/Info tool to publish geographically-based clickable image maps.
  • Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS). OASAS hoped to explore the use of the Internet for a variety of mission critical operations but would begin with a prototype Web page to demonstrate the utility of this technology to key customers. For purposes of this demonstration, OASAS selected the functions of its Bureau of Communications and Community Relations which has the principal responsibility of providing education and information services to both internal and external agency staff as well as the general public. The objective was to increase awareness and use of those information resources.