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r 2017 >Download PDF
Understanding and improving data flows produces significant savings, both in time and financial resources, by reducing duplication of efforts and streamlining the overall workflow. Using open data and adding visualizations to this process generates more use of the data by citizens and other stakeholders. It also helps identify trends and supports better decision making about programs and policies.

2016 >Download PDF
The ‘Internet of Things,’ (IoT) is all around us, every day and everywhere. The uses across industries and sectors are seemingly endless and increasingly, local governments are taking notice and beginning to explore how they too might benefit. The big question local governments need to be asking themselves, is “are we prepared to steward the public’s data in the context of IoT?” While there are some exceptions, we suspect that in many cases, the answer to that question is “no.” Technology has evolved faster than the organizations trying to use them, and public policies lag farther still behind organizational change. All governments considering the IoT, in particular local governments who are already struggling with data stewardship responsibilities, should carefully consider three issues.

y 2015 >Download PDF
Mayors, governors and other local government leaders are being inundated by all sorts of “experts” telling them how to make cities smarter. Becoming a critical consumer of information and perspectives of these experts is time intensive and challenging. The messages are often heartfelt and relevant to the problem, often they are not, but motivated by well-hidden, and in some cases, not so well hidden, commercial interests.

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