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2002 Publications (9)

Guides (2)

Untangle the Web book cover
Untangle the Web: Delivering Municipal Services Through the Internet
Dec 2002 >Download PDF
The Web offers people and organizations a new way to interact and communicate. This report provides a framework for helping local governments achieve the benefits of the Web without being overcome by its complexity.

Making a Case for Local E-Government
Jul 2002 >Download PDF
Local and county governments are exploring the best ways to implement e-government. This report details the strategies, funding, barriers, and benefits brought to bear by several New York State local e-government pioneering initiatives, with insight and advice for their colleagues.

Reports (5)

Reports Cover
Creating and Maintaining Proper Systems for Electronic Record Keeping
Dec 2002 >Download PDF
E-Government is changing the way government conducts business and captures records created during that business. This paper provides a framework for developing new e-government systems that foster electronic records management.

XML: A New Web Site Architecture
Sep 2002 >Download PDF
As Web sites have grown in size, complexity, and prominence, site management has become a growing concern for Webmasters, system administrators, and organizations as a whole. This paper discusses how XML technology simplifies the entire site management process.

Finding Our Future: A Research Agenda for the Research Enterprise
Jul 2002 >Download PDF
The research enterprise has grown into a $112-billion endeavor involving thousands of organizations representing every scientific discipline and field of knowledge. This report discusses the challenges facing that research enterprise, offers a vision of the ideal research enterprise, and lays out a supporting research and action agenda to help achieve it.

The Future of E-Government
Jun 2002 >Download PDF
This paper is based on testimony presented to the New York City Council on a sustainable definition and model of electronic government.

Information Access in an Electronic World: A policy panel summary transcript
Mar 2002 >Download PDF
Policies about online government information were a focus of attention following September 11th. This document provides a thought-provoking examination of how information policy issues were reassessed in response to those events.

Journal Articles and Conference Papers (1)

Journal Article Cover
Electronic Government: A Vision of the Future that is Already Here
Syracuse Law Review, Volume 52, Number 4, Dec 2002, 1243-1251
Download PDF
Though they may be going unnoticed, e-government initiatives are changing the way that the public sector works. This article introduces a four-faceted vision of e-government and describes some of the ways that it is already changing government.

Book Chapters (1)

Book Cover
The Challenge of Integrating Data for E-Government
Global ICT Agenda 2002, #1. 40-41. London: Quasar International Communications.