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2002 Publications (9)

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Untangle the Web book cover
Dec 2002 >Download PDF
The Web offers people and organizations a new way to interact and communicate. This report provides a framework for helping local governments achieve the benefits of the Web without being overcome by its complexity.

Jul 2002 >Download PDF
Local and county governments are exploring the best ways to implement e-government. This report details the strategies, funding, barriers, and benefits brought to bear by several New York State local e-government pioneering initiatives, with insight and advice for their colleagues.

Reports (5)

Reports Cover
Dec 2002 >Download PDF
E-Government is changing the way government conducts business and captures records created during that business. This paper provides a framework for developing new e-government systems that foster electronic records management.

Sep 2002 >Download PDF
As Web sites have grown in size, complexity, and prominence, site management has become a growing concern for Webmasters, system administrators, and organizations as a whole. This paper discusses how XML technology simplifies the entire site management process.

Jul 2002 >Download PDF
The research enterprise has grown into a $112-billion endeavor involving thousands of organizations representing every scientific discipline and field of knowledge. This report discusses the challenges facing that research enterprise, offers a vision of the ideal research enterprise, and lays out a supporting research and action agenda to help achieve it.

Jun 2002 >Download PDF
This paper is based on testimony presented to the New York City Council on a sustainable definition and model of electronic government.

Mar 2002 >Download PDF
Policies about online government information were a focus of attention following September 11th. This document provides a thought-provoking examination of how information policy issues were reassessed in response to those events.

Journal Articles and Conference Papers (1)

Journal Article Cover
Syracuse Law Review, Volume 52, Number 4, Dec 2002, 1243-1251
Download PDF
Though they may be going unnoticed, e-government initiatives are changing the way that the public sector works. This article introduces a four-faceted vision of e-government and describes some of the ways that it is already changing government.

Book Chapters (1)

Book Cover
Global ICT Agenda 2002, #1. 40-41. London: Quasar International Communications.

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