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2000 Publications (9)

Guides (2)

And Justice For All Cover
And Justice for All: Designing Your Business Case for Integrating Justice Information
May 2000 >Download PDF
Efforts to improve public safety in the United States are pointing to an increasing need for justice agencies to share information. This guidebook offers a series of lessons and tools justice officials can use to build business cases to win support and funding for integrated justice information systems.

Conducting Best and Current Practices Research: A Starter Kit
Jan 2000 >Download PDF
Best and current practice research can help government managers learn from the experiences of others and discover what works and what doesn't. This starter kit contains step-by-step instructions for how to conduct that research.

Online Tools (1)

Insider's Guide Cover
Insider's Guide to Using Information in Government
Nov 2000
Every day, the people inside government use information to develop policies, make decisions, evaluate programs, and deliver services. This Web resource draws from real agency experiences to provide a practical resource for government professionals who use information to do their jobs.

Reports (5)

Report Cover
What Citizens Want from E-Government
Oct 2000 >Download PDF
Governments in the US are using a variety of methods to find out what citizens want from electronic government services. This report presents those methods, and weighs the pros and cons of each of them.

New York State Central Accounting System Stakeholder Needs Analysis
Jul 2000 >Download PDF
The Office of the New York State Comptroller decided to conduct an extensive stakeholder needs analysis before making any decisions about how to design and develop a next generation Central Accounting System (CAS). CTG worked with the agency on this project, and developed a set of recommendations for next steps in devising a plan for the CAS.

Reassessing New York: A Collaborative Process
Jun 2000 >Download PDF
In order to implement the state's new annual reassessment program, the New York State Office of Real Property Services set out to identify the needs of the local assessment community. CTG worked with this agency on the project, and produced a report that presents a collaboratively developed set of recommendations for moving the Annual Reassessment Program forward.

New Models of Collaboration for Public Service delivery
Apr 2000 >Download PDF
Collaborative partnerships in the public sector are helping to pave the way for new innovations in information and service delivery. This white paper summarizes the findings of a preliminary review of collaborative public sector service delivery methods.

Putting Information Together
Feb 2000 >Download PDF
Organizations spend millions of dollars putting information together in data warehouses, but as many as 50 to 80 percent of those projects fail. This report, which summarizes the fourth seminar in the UIG Seminar Series, highlights the lessons learned from the creation of the prototype Homeless Information Management System.

Journal Articles and Conference Papers (1)

Journal Article Cover
Realizing the Promise of Digital Government
IMP Magazine, Oct 2000
Download PDF
Many of us have already experienced the potential of the Web to change our relationships with other individuals, businesses, and now government. This article discusses the transformation needed before we can realize the promises of electronic government.