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1999 Publications (10)

Guides (1)

Practical Tools for Electronic Records Management and Preservation Cover
Practical Tools for Electronic Records Management and Preservation
Jan 1999 >Download PDF
Most organizations are increasingly managing work and making decisions based on electronic information. This guide provides the tools that were developed to help information and program managers integrate essential records management requirements into the design of new information systems.

Reports (7)

Reports Cover
What Rules Govern the Use of Information?
Oct 1999 >Download PDF
Every government function depends on information, and each function has a set of policies behind it. This report, which summarizes the third seminar in the Using Information in Government Seminar Series, addresses the use of government information and the policies that govern that use.

Reconnaissance Study: Developing a Business Case for the Integration of Criminal Justice Information
Sep 1999 >Download PDF
This study provides a complex but optimistic picture for improving the integration of justice information. It provides an analysis of the current integration realities and discusses enablers and barriers to criminal justice information integration.

Building Integrated Data Repositories
May 1999 >Download PDF
Having the right skills, competencies, and technical tools can help government managers use information more effectively in their work. This report, which summarizes the second seminar in the UIG Seminar Series, focuses on ways to get the most from government information.

Research and Practical Experiences in the Use of Multiple Data Sources for Enterprise Level Planning and Decision Making: A Literature Review
1999 >Download PDF
Public and private sector organizations recognize the importance of information sharing as a way to improve planning and increase productivity. Because of this trend, the use of multiple data sources for enterprise level planning and decision making has become even more important. This paper identifies current research and practical experiences in the use of multiple data sources to support performance measurement, strategic planning, and interorganizational business processes.

Web-based Applications and/or Networked Legacy Systems
1999 >Download PDF
A multitude of private and public institutions are now using e-commerce to deliver products and services to customers and clients. For many of these organizations, jumping into the world of e-commerce means they must link legacy systems and their attached databases to new Web-based applications and distributed databases. The ramifications of this process are examined in this report.

Some Assembly Required: Building a Digital Government for the 21st Century
Mar 1999 >Download PDF
Information technology plays a crucial role in the public sector, and has the potential to transform the way government works. This report provides a set of recommendations for the National Science Foundation to design its Digital Government Research Program to help support that transformation.

Dealing with Data
Feb 1999 >Download PDF
Proper data management is instrumental for successful information systems. This report, which summarizes the first seminar in the UIG Seminar Series, focuses on data quality management, data tools and techniques, long term maintenance and preservation, and real life experiences with data issues.

Journal Articles and Conference Papers (2)

Journal Article Cover
The Internet, the State Library, and the Implementation of Statewide Information Policy
Journal of Global Information Management, Volume 7, Number 4, Oct 1999, pp 27-33
Download PDF
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are used by government, researchers, and businesses to support a wide range of activities. This article documents the implementation of an Internet-based GIS Clearinghouse in New York State, and highlights the role of the State Library as a critical implementer and value-added facilitator.

Four Realities of IT Innovation in Government
The Public Manager, Volume 28, Number 1, 1999
Download PDF
Throughout CTG’s partnership projects, there are four realities that stand out as success factors for IT innovation. This article presents the four recurring factors that we have encountered working on dozens of projects with hundreds of government individuals and organizations.