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1996 Publications (6)

Guides (2)

Developing on the Web Cover
Developing & Delivering Government Services on the World Wide Web: Recommended Practices for New York State
Sep 1996 >Download PDF
The anytime, anywhere character of the Internet allows government information and services to be more available to more people. These guidelines present principles to help government agencies in New York State decide how best to design, manage, and market Web services.

A WWW Starter Kit
Apr 1996 >Download PDF
Being on the Internet can mean many different things. For most government organizations, it means creating a Web site. This starter kit is designed to help begin the process of getting on the Web without having to reinvent the wheel.

Reports (4)

Delviering on the Web cover
Delivering on the Web: The NYS Internet Services Testbed
Dec 1996 >Download PDF
Government is all about information and service delivery. The Web seems perfectly suited for that work. This report presents a set of practical tools to help government agencies refine and narrow the objectives of the Web services they are developing.

The World Wide Web as a Universal Interface to Government Services
Dec 1996 >Download PDF
This report describes the results of research that tested the feasibility of using the Web to deliver services to citizens and conduct business among government agencies.

A Brief Survey of Internet Policies
Apr 1996 >Download PDF
As more government agencies use the Web, policies that guide Internet use are in their infancy. This paper presents the results of a survey conducted to collect and review government Internet policies between April and July 1996.

Internet Security Seminar
Apr 1996 >Download PDF
A day-long seminar on Internet Security was presented on April 2, 1996 by the Center for Technology in Government in conjunction with our corporate and public sector partners. It was the first of a series of annual Internet security days held in New York State. This summary highlights the seminar sessions and results.