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1995 Publications (11)

Reports (10)

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A Framework for Evaluating Public Sector Geographic Information Systems
Dec 1995 >Download PDF
Substantial opportunity exists to share spatial data, knowledge, and other resources across programs in the public and private sectors. This report discusses the mechanisms for evaluating public sector geographic information systems (GIS).

Balancing Environmental Quality and Economic Vitality in the Adirondack Park
Dec 1995 >Download PDF
The information needed to review a building permit application in New York's Adirondack Park comes from a range of sources. This report describes the work undertaken to develop and evaluate a prototype system to combine document records and geographic data into a unified “electronic reference desk".

Compelling Reasons for GIS Coordination in New York State
Dec 1995 >Download PDF
Coordinating geographic information collected by different agencies and local governments can help promote three program areas of vital importance in New York State: economic development, environmental conservation, and public health and safety.

Sharing the Costs, Sharing the Benefits: The NYS GIS Cooperative
Dec 1995 >Download PDF
The New York State Geographic Information System (GIS) Clearinghouse Cooperative project was undertaken to show the extent to which spatial data needs overlap among key policy and applications areas. This report demonstrates how data sharing strategies can reduce the cost and increase the value of GIS.

The New York State Spatial Data Clearinghouse Technical Report
Dec 1995 >Download PDF
Developing the New York State (NYS) Geographic Information System (GIS) Clearinghouse prototype required the adoption of standards and an effective search mechanism. This report presents how these were implemented in the NYS GIS Clearinghouse project.

Evaluating the APA Prototype: Prospects for Providing Cheaper, Faster, and Better Services to the APA's Customers
Oct 1995 >Download PDF
This report covers the findings from an evaluation of a prototype map retrieval system developed for the Adirondack Park Agency. Recommendations for a future system development strategy are included.

Using Technology to Change Work: Technical Results from the APA Prototype
Oct 1995 >Download PDF
Building an electronic reference desk that integrated government records and geographic information relied on a number of technical components. This report presents the technical results responsible for the development of that system.

Supporting Psychiatric Assessments in Emergency Rooms
Sep 1995 >Download PDF
With the assistance of an expert panel representing both practitioners and consumers of mental health services, a computer-assisted decision model was developed to support psychiatric assessments in emergency rooms.

Report of the Field Test to Evaluate a Decision Support Tool for Psychiatric Assessments in Emergency Rooms
Aug 1995 >Download PDF
Field testing a prototype is critical to gauge its value for users. This report describes the results of the field test of a prototype decision support tool developed to help emergency physicians conduct psychiatric assessments.

Voice Information Response System
May 1995 >Download PDF
The telephone is the means by which most people deal with the government. This report presents the results of a project that developed a prototype voice response system for the NYS Office of Regulatory and Management Assistance.

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Pool the Risks, Share the Benefits: Partnerships in IT Innovation
In Keyes, J., (ed.), Technology Trendlines . New York: VanNostrand Reinhold.