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Type of Services Offered

Support for governmental operations
Finally, the third category of e-gov initiative involves the support of critical government operations. The projects undertaken are aimed at facilitating internal management and sharing of information to improve administration of service delivery. For example, the Partners in Change project involved the implementation of a case management system to help government employees deliver welfare benefits more efficiently. The Cadastre Reengineering project involved the use of data bases and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications to improve operations related to real property ownership and taxation. The New York State (NYS) GIS Coordination Program focuses on sharing of spatial data and analytical expertise throughout state and local government agencies.

Service Type
Public access to a single service type
Citizen Internet exposure & training program in rural areas
Job offers portal
Filing of personal income tax returns
Unique kiosk allowing electronic filling of all forms required to open a new business
Unique kiosk of government services to businesses
Public access to multiple services and/or information sources
Public access to state government information and transactions
Public access to city information and transactions
Public access to federal government information
Online government information to citizens
Support for governmental operations
Real property tax mapping
Data sharing and development of data analysis expertise
IT system to manage welfare benefits delivery