Type of Services Offered
Most of the projects we studied involved the establishment of some kind of e-government initiative. The policy domains and customer or user groups varied widely, but three main service types were addressed:

Public access to a single service type
Most of the projects we studied were collaborations between the public and private sector to provide citizens and businesses easy access to a specific service. Several levels of government and agencies are usually involved but the service provided is one that is focused on a particular citizen or business need. These types of online services simplify government by providing a one-stop access point to complete a process that previously required visiting several government offices. Businesses can, for example, take advantage of services such as One-Stop Business Registration to register a new business through one single site visit. Ontario Business Connect is another example of a service provided to businesses who can complete electronic applications for several state and provincial programs in one location. Similarly, the IRS e-file provides citizens with the opportunity to download or fill out federal or state tax forms from the site. Hotjob.be is another example of a single access point for citizens. Job information from all regions of Belgium and countries of the EU are available through one portal.

Public access to multiple services and/or information sources
The second type of e-gov initiatives we studied are projects allowing public access to multiple services and information sources. These web sites are not focused on a single theme such as job search or new business registration but provide federal or statewide information on a variety of subjects. The portal that comprises the largest set of information is FirstGov.gov, which is sometimes referred to as the US federal government megaportal. FirstGov classifies its information to address three types of audiences: citizens , businesses, and governments. It provides access to 186 million web pages from federal and state governments. Service Canada, the Canadian one-stop access to all government information organizes services is also designed for three categories of users: Canadians, Non Canadians, and Canadian Businesses. Similar approaches to multiple services and information portals are also found at the state level (e.g. Access Indiana) or at the local level (e.g. Bremen Online).

Support for governmental operations
Finally, the third category of e-gov initiative involves the support of critical government operations. The projects undertaken are aimed at facilitating internal management and sharing of information to improve administration of service delivery. For example, the Partners in Change project involved the implementation of a case management system to help government employees deliver welfare benefits more efficiently. The Cadastre Reengineering project involved the use of data bases and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications to improve operations related to real property ownership and taxation. The New York State (NYS) GIS Coordination Program focuses on sharing of spatial data and analytical expertise throughout state and local government agencies.

Service Type
Public access to a single service type
Citizen Internet exposure & training program in rural areas
Job offers portal
Filing of personal income tax returns
Unique kiosk allowing electronic filling of all forms required to open a new business
Unique kiosk of government services to businesses
Public access to multiple services and/or information sources
Public access to state government information and transactions
Public access to city information and transactions
Public access to federal government information
Online government information to citizens
Support for governmental operations
Real property tax mapping
Data sharing and development of data analysis expertise
IT system to manage welfare benefits delivery

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