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The Project

First of all, federal government cooperation was sought to harmonize sales tax registration applications. The Ministry of Small Businesses also wanted to bring in municipalities, which proved to be a much longer process. In a series of meetings attended by representatives of provincial government ministries, the federal government and municipalities, discussion focused on reaching agreement on common rules, drawing up specifications for the system, and discussing the risks of electronic service delivery.

Participants had to develop a standard terminology for all the government services involved, agree on system efficiency in terms of time, make it user-friendly for the public, and ensure compliance with each partner's requirements and obligations. The latter represented a major turnaround for government agencies that had always worked in isolation in the past, a topic we will come back to later. The project succeeded despite inadequate funds at first. The partners had not requested funding, which was a mistake. First of all, none of the partners felt they were the ones carrying the ball and, secondly, the lack of resources made the project fragile.