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The Project

The official purpose of OSBR is to:

  1. Reduce the procedures and bureaucracy involved in business registration;
  2. Shorten the timeframe for businesses;
  3. Simplify business registration to improve applications for partner agencies.

In terms of operations, the aim was to cut down on the:

  1. Steps involved in filling out the required government forms;
  2. Cost, time and problems faced by business owners filling out the forms; and
  3. The time and cost for the public administration in processing the forms.

They also hoped to publicize the project to increase use of it, thereby stimulating new business creation. The program is available to all British Columbia businesses, though the primary target is small business, which accounts for 99% of enterprises in the province.

Administratively, the project endeavoured to reorganize government services available to the public, streamline existing procedures, improve access to government services and enable on-line financial transactions.