Gateways Online Workbench

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Log on to the Gateways Online Workbench
You must log on to use the Gateways Online Workbench. If you have previously registered, your logon will retrieve the Program Plan name(s) assigned to you. You may then access an existing Program Plan or create a new Program Plan.

If this is your initial registration, you will be given an option to access an existing Program Plan or create a new Program Plan.

Click the Tutorial link at the left for a brief step-by-step walk-through on using the system.
E-mail Address
  (your e-mail address provides a unique user name)


Once you log on and enter the Gateways Online Workbench application, you should NOT use the back and forward buttons in your browser to navigate within the application. This may result in loss of data or unexpected results. The navigation links in the left column and within the text of the application provide reliable navigation within the application.

Also, to safeguard the application, a "session timeout" is programmed. If you do nothing within the application for 10 minutes or more, your session will be timed out, unsaved data will be lost, and you will have to log on again to use the application.

When you are finished working in the application, click "Log off" in the left navigation panel to exit the workbench. You may then use your browser buttons or the navigation buttons in the CTG banner at the top to go somewhere else.