An Ideal Use Scenario
  1. A new electronic information access program is envisioned.
  2. A project team is assigned to draft a design for a program.
  3. A team leader is identified.
  4. The team agrees to use the Opening Gateways Guide and Workbench to support its design effort.
  5. Each member of the team reads the Opening Gateways Guide.
  6. The team leader creates a Program Plan for this project on the Online Workbench.
  7. Each member of the team completes a program description worksheet.
  8. The team leader coordinates the sharing of those individual descriptions and moderates a discussion with a goal toward drafting the collective description of the program.
  9. The team leader asks each member of the team to complete an assessment of the program under consideration.
  10. Each member of the team does so.
  11. The team leader draws together all of the results of each assessment into a single worksheet that reflects all the individual assessments. This document becomes the foundation for a group discussion either in person or online. The goal of that discussion is to identify where there is consensus, to identify where they is no consensus so that the different perspectives can be explored.
  12. This cycle is then applied for each of the four tools in succession.
  13. As necessary previous tools are reconsidered to reflect new knowledge or insight into the previous steps in the process.
  14. Once the analysis begins to focus on a specific set of recommendations, the team should begin to develop the documents to present their recommendations to the necessary decision makers. The team will draw from the worksheets and the record of the discussions to produce this document. The worksheets themselves as well as the information and insight generated through their use can be used to produce a formal set of recommendations to be delivered to the necessary decision makers.

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