Creating the Program Design Document
The Gateways Guide and Online Workbench are thinking tools. They support groups in their efforts to work collectively on program design. At some point in this process it will be necessary for the team to create a document that can be shared with. This could be considered a business case for the program.

The team's results can be used for this report in a number of ways. The following present a few examples of how the team might draw on the analysis to produce a final report.
  1. The analysis of data in individual and team worksheets to inform narrative sections of a recommendations document.
  2. A direct cut and past of worksheet results into a document.
  3. Each worksheet can be saved in PDF format for future use in appendices or text boxes.
  4. Data from the Cost Estimation Worksheet can be cut and pasted, (columns and row headings included) into an spreadsheet for further analysis and refinement for presentation.

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