Navigating the Online Workbench
  • Access to the Workbench, and to the Program Plans is managed through an email address-based username. Each user is asked to provide their email address and a password. This username is used to associate users to a Program Plan, and consequently to the collaboration features associated with the Plan.
  • The first page of the Workbench provides a new user with two choices -- they may create a program plan or select to go through the tutorial. This tutorial is available from every following page in the Workbench as well.
  • Repeat users are provided a list of the Program Plans they are working on and are asked to select from among them.
  • Once inside a Program Plan users are consistently provided with the opportunity to call up an explanation, an example, and a case study at any time. The materials are linked to the users location within the Program Plan. Therefore, if the user is working on the Assessment Tool, then the materials presented will focus on the Assessment Tool.
  • The user is also provided with the option of creating a new worksheet and of printing their work in printer friendly format or in PDF.
  • The user is provided with access to an HTML version of the Gateways Guide at all times.
  • The Guide text is available as a reference tool online at any time from the left hand margin of the Workbench.
Once you are in the Gateways Online Workbench, you control your navigation by using the left navigation menu (shown below). This menu expands and contracts depending on the different locations available to you as you proceed. This diagram and explanation are also available through the Tutorial link in the left navigation menu within the workbench.

Gateways Left Navigation Menu

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