Using the Opening Gateways Guide through the Online Workbench
The Online Workbench is organized around the use of a Program Plan. A team leader creates a Program Plan and gives members access to that Plan. All work associated with the design of a particular electronic records access program takes place within the Program Plan. Any team leader or team member can participate in multiple Program Plans.

A Program Plan consists of the five tools and all the individual worksheets produced for the tools that a project team owns. Members of the project team can create, view, and update all the worksheets within the Program Plan.

The presentation of the five tools in the Program Plan implies a sequence for using the tools. The first pass through the tools for each program design effort should be in the sequence that they are presented. But, as you begin to use the results of the various tools to inform your thinking about the design, you will find that you are returning to tools out of the original sequence. This "jumping around" is an important part of the process and is encouraged. It enables a team to revise previous work due to new information and insights.

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