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Multi-method approaches to understanding the complexity of e-government

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Multi-method approaches to understanding the complexity of e-government
Gil-Garcia, J. R. and Pardo, T. A.
International Journal on Computers, Systems and Signals, Volume 7, Number 2, Fri, 18 Oct 2006, pp. 3-17
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Electronic government is a complex phenomenon which involves technical, organizational, institutional and environmental aspects. Researchers from different disciplines are increasingly finding that using multiple methods can help to deal with complexity and obtain more comprehensive explanations. This paper argues that multi-method approaches can be useful for egovernment research. A set of advantages and challenges to multi-method approaches are introduced and then used to frame a case analysis. Two case studies involving multi-method approaches to e-government research are presented to illustrate strategies for responding to implementation challenges in both large-scale and small-scale projects. This case analysis contributes to the discussion about multi-method research designs and their role in digital government research. Insights into management strategies specifically designed to respond to the digital government context and the adoption of relevant methodologies drawn from the experiences of the authors are provided.

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