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Doing a Literature Search

Library databases

The University at Albany/SUNY has a large collection of databases available to its users. Most academic libraries and large public libraries do as well. The following are some very useful databases to get an idea of what has been written on a particular subject in the literature. Very often, these databases provide online full text articles or abstracts.


is a full text article database in the fields of economy, finance, education, mathematics, sociology, and political science. You can select which journals you want to search. All the full text articles are available to download in pdf (portable document format).


covers business, humanities, news, science and social sciences. It offers a few full text articles and abstracts. You can find many recent articles as the database is updated daily.

UnCover Reveal

has a small annual subscription fee of $25. However, it is the only database that does the work for you. You simply submit keywords to Uncover Reveal. It will then search journal citations and tables of contents matching your request and send them to your e-mail address on a weekly basis.

Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin

(PAIS) is a database of journals, books and government reports, in all languages. The search capabilities allow you to combine multiple keywords for relevant returns. The results include abstracts of articles as well as links to where the articles can be found on the Web.

Article 1 st

is a database of journals in science, technology, social science, business, and the humanities. The results indicate which library owns the articles but do not provide online abstracts or articles.

Contents 1 st

allows you to browse through the table of contents of many journals.