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2009 Annual Report

Transferring Information

Transferring Information

Transferring formalized knowledge and developing practical tools is a primary focus of CTG. CTG’s Advanced Web Technologies (AWT) program has transferred the results of our XML research and development into a training curriculum delivered by a commercial partner.

In 2009, CTG completed the first full year of its technology transfer program with very positive results. The current program is a licensure training partnership with MicroKnowledge, which has enabled the training of IT professionals from government and the private sector on the use of XML for Web site management. The program reached a broad audience and increased the knowledge and application of its tools to practical users. Due to the success of these classes, in 2010 CTG will continue its partnership with MicroKnowledge to deliver a more advanced class on using XML databases.


In late summer of 2010, CTG, in collaboration with its training partner, MicroKnowledge, Inc., will be offering an introductory class on XML Databases and XQuery as part of its ongoing Advanced Web Technologies program.

This course is both a conceptual and hands-on class that explains XML databases, how they differ from relational databases, and when to consider using XML databases along with examples and exercises for making connections to XML databases and using XQuery.

This class is the second in a series of XML-related trainings and a follow-up to the well-received Using XML for Web Site Management class that has been offered on a regular basis since 2009.

For details and announcements of class listings, visit the CTG Web Site at and the MicroKnowledge site at

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