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2009 Annual Report

Financial Portfolio

Financial Portfolio

In 2009 CTG maintained its strong record of attracting a diverse mix of funding and other resources. Our funding portfolio continues to provide opportunities to bring together researchers, practitioners, and students from New York State, the US, and around the world.

A solid history of support from the National Science Foundation was evident through CTG’s continued work on multi-year projects, including: modeling interorganizational information integration and building a sustainable international digital government research community. In addition, CTG also received NSF funding to work on three new projects with the bulk of work to occur in 2010-11. These projects are 1) understanding transnational public sector knowledge networks, 2) working with leading researchers and practitioners to lay out a grand challenges research agenda on information, technology, and governance, and 3) working with the US General Services Administration on developing a citizen services evaluation framework.

Financial Chart
Overall, CTG’s financial portfolio consisted of 24% federal grants, 5% government contracts, 66% base funding, and 5% other resources.
In addition, CTG continued work with a number of NYS agencies. We received funding from the NYS Office of Children and Family Services as part of a multi-phase, multi-year project to assess the use of mobile technologies in child protective service. CTG also used its base funding to work on three separate projects 1) developing recommendations for a statewide information technology governance framework 2) developing guides to inform the use of social media tools in government, and 3) hosting a series of knowledge sharing workshops for state agencies on reporting requirements for the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

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