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2008 Annual Report



Assessing Mobile Technologies in Child Protective Services: A Demonstration Project in 23 New York State Local Departments of Social Services
OCFS Report Cover

NYS’s Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) and CTG partnered to learn more about the impact of mobile technology use in child protective services (CPS) in New York State. In this phase, 450 laptops and tablets were deployed to CPS caseworkers in 23 NYS Local Social Services Districts. CTG conducted the independent assessment that evaluated mobility, productivity, and satisfaction as well as addressed environmental factors in statewide IT deployment. The summary report looks at high level impacts across all districts and the profiles detail findings from each individual district.

Maximizing Current and Future Mobile Technology Investments in New York State Child Protective Services
OCFS Report Cover

CTG partnered with NYS’s Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) to conduct an extended study of the use of connected laptops in child protective services (CPS). Previous pilot and demonstration assessments established a solid foundation of information to support a reasonably clear picture of the short term impacts of deploying and using laptops in CPS work. This assessment allocated a longer time period for data collection (8-10 months) and provided an opportunity to learn more about how laptops are integrated into CPS work, including examining mobility, productivity, and satisfaction. This study also examined the long-term impacts and conditions necessary to maximize current and future mobile technology investments in NYS’s child protective services.

Government Worth Having: A Briefing on Interoperability for Government Leaders
Government Worth Having Report Cover

While public officials at all levels of government play important roles in interoperability efforts, government leaders alone have the power to alleviate the institutional constraints that impede these potentially transformative, but highly complex enterprise initiatives. This paper is for government leaders and presents a unique focus on creation of the policy and management capability, rather than technical capability, necessary to create interoperable government. It presents a set of recommendations to guide these leaders in the development of policies and principles for action.

Improving Government Interoperability: A Capability Framework for Government Managers
Interoperability Framework Cover

This paper presents a framework for governments as they begin to move beyond the vision of a more effective government to the reality. The framework focuses first on understanding the capabilities needed to develop and manage (i.e., plan, select, control, and evaluate) initiatives to improve interoperability among government agencies and their network partners, and second on determining the right mix of capabilities needed to share information across a network of organizations. The complete framework is provided for immediate use by government managers to assess existing and needed capabilities for improving government interoperability.

Center Review: Self Evaluation Report
Center Review Cover

This report was produced for the University at Albany’s Vice President for Research, in response to a policy requirement calling for periodic reviews of research centers and institutes. The report, prepared by Center staff, covers the period from the Center’s founding in 1993 to the present. It includes an overview of the Center’s history, where we stand today, and our vision for the future. Through this report, CTG shared its vision and progress with University colleagues, the broader academic community, and government and private sector partners and friends.

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