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2008 Annual Report

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

In 2008, CTG announced the first initiative in its technology transfer program, Advanced Web Technologies (AWT). Under this initiative, CTG will periodically release practical resources grounded in applied research and applicable to government’s use of the Web.

The first product to go under a licensure agreement is CTG’s two-day XML training curriculum, Using XML for Web Site Management: A Hands-on Introduction with Advanced Exercises. CTG’s partner is MicroKnowledge, Tech Valley’s leading computer training and consulting firm. This unique partnership will allow the public to benefit from CTG’s expertise, research, and practice in the use of XML for Web site management and MicroKnowledge’s 23 years of experience in the delivery of high-quality technical training. MicroKnowledge will begin offering classes using CTG’s curriculum in January 2009.

“Our partnership with CTG is based on our shared commitment to improving IT performance in government and across the workforce. It is a perfect fit for us to work with CTG to deliver a unique product. The XML training workshop is based on proven, practical research that sets it apart from standard XML classes and offers high value to participants.”
—Beth Coco, chair and executive vice president of MicroKnowledge

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