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2008 Annual Report

-IT Governance


In 2008, CTG partnered with governments at all levels, from the United Nations to New York counties, in projects to improve IT governance, interoperability, information sharing, mobile technology, and IT investments. In addition, CTG staff provided expert guidance in the areas of electronic records and e-rulemaking by participating on committees and working groups in both the state and federal arenas.

IT Governance
Effective enterprise-level governance for investment and implementation is central to achieving IT’s transformative potential for government. Achieving new enterprise-level efficiencies and enhancements in government performance requires IT governance frameworks that match the scope and challenges of this task. CTG is working with state and federal agencies to build the kinds of governance frameworks that address these challenges and provide new governance capability.

Creating an Enterprise IT Governance Framework for New York State Government

Governance Workshop
State and local CIOs were asked to prioritize the potential value of enterprise IT governance in New York. Pictured from left to right: Moses Kamya, Chief Information Officer, NYS Governor’s Office of Employee Relations and Ed Hemminger, Chief Information Officer, Ontario County.
CTG is working collaboratively with key stakeholders within New York State, such as the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), the CIO Council, and key policy makers, to create an enhanced sustainable enterprise IT governance framework. CTG is drawing on the established IT governance frameworks already in place within New York State and a review of other states to inform the process.

This 16 month project was launched in 2008 with the first of four workshops bringing together over 30 CIOs and IT directors from both state and local government to explore these issues and to raise the question about the value of enhancing enterprise IT governance within New York. The project will conclude in early summer of 2009.

Social Security Administration

The U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) is seeking to improve its current policies and procedures that support investment decision making and performance assessment for information technology systems and IT infrastructure. SSA decided to partner with CTG to explore new governance models as a strategy for improving the decision making process for the over $1 billion the agency invests in IT each year.

The initial focus of the work with SSA was on identifying the key IT governance processes and the ways in which they support the strategic goals of the agency. The project will continue to examine how management processes and information sharing can better support the strategic goals of SSA, enhance performance assessment, and document the value of IT investments. During the latter half of 2008, CTG collected data through interviews with key SSA program and IT leaders and conducted an extensive review of existing IT decision making processes. CTG then presented its initial analysis to SSA along with a set of recommendations on focus areas for improving IT management capabilities and governance processes.

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