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2008 Annual Report

In Memory Of

In Memory Of

Valarie Gregg
1952 - 2009

Valerie Gregg
In early 2008, Valerie Gregg joined CTG as a government fellow and co-principal investigator on a National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded award entitled Building and Sustaining an International Digital Government Research Community of Practice. In addition, she served as co-director of CTG’s iGov Research Institute.

As a government fellow, Val played a central role in CTG’s global project to engage researchers, government officials, and students in a multi-cultural digital government community. The work she fostered included people from a dozen countries working on e-democracy, detection of emerging crises, and international cooperation across national borders. Her work and dedication to the iGov Research Institute benefitted students who attended from six continents. Prior to CTG, Valerie’s career spanned 30-years in federal public service at the National Science Foundation and the U.S Census Bureau.

Her work with CTG while a NSF program manager led to CTG’s early involvement in several experiments in international cooperation with colleagues in Europe and China. Her passing in early 2009 is a great loss to CTG and the digital government community; her knowledge, expertise, generosity, caring, and ever-present enthusiasm are deeply missed.

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