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2006 Annual Report

Resources from CTG

Resources from CTG

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Advancing Return on Investment Analysis for Government IT: A Public Value Framework
IT investments in government need to demonstrate their value in more than dollars and cents. This white paper presents an analytical process that starts with a high-level view of an IT investment and then drills down through successive steps to identify the specific measures and methods that will reveal and document public value. The assessment can be tailored to the size and nature of a particular investment decision. The framework is broad in scope so that it can be applied to virtually any government IT investment—from simple Web sites to governmentwide information systems and architectures.

Preserving State Government Digital Information: A Baseline Report
Partnerships have emerged as the most viable strategy for securing the resources necessary for preserving state govern-ment digital information. This report provides the baseline knowledge of current state digital preservation capabilities and activities necessary to launch these critical partnership development efforts. It includes an analysis of a survey of all 50 states and three territories and presents observations on the current digital preservation environment.

State Government Digital Preservation Profiles
A companion to the Baseline Report, this Web-based resource provides profiles of state government digital information preservation efforts based on the information collected from the 2006 State Government Digital Information Preservation Survey. The profiles are organized by state or territory and the library, archives, and records management units that were represented in the survey responses.

New York State Information Technology Workforce Skills Assessment Statewide Survey Results
An effective state government needs a skilled and experienced workforce. This report provides the key findings of two IT workforce skills assessment surveys administered to nearly 5,000 IT profes-sionals employed in state agencies, authorities, and boards. The two surveys together produced a comprehensive current profile of self-reported demographics, skill proficiency ratings, and training needs of the current state IT workforce, as well as a set of agency-level IT forecasts for the next three years.

Using XML for Web Site Management: Getting Started Guide
Despite the clear advantages of XML-based Web site management, government confronts many obstacles to adoption and implemen-tation. By using the guide, government agencies can gain new insights into the benefits of XML and can develop strategies to address the technical and organizational issues of getting started.

The XML Toolkit
The XML Toolkit is a Web-based product developed out of Web Site Management Using XML: A Testbed, which helped New York State agencies examine the benefits and challenges of using the emerging technology of XML. The Toolkit contains a library of XML resources and is intended to grow over time and benefit from contributions of the online community.

Setting the Stage for an Electronic Health Record: A Business Analysis for the New York State Department of Correctional Services
Electronic Health Records (EHR) are emerging as an effective tool to improve health services and contain health care costs. This document reports on a project conducted on behalf of the New York State Department of Correctional Services (NYS DOCS) to explore the likely benefits and costs of an EHR for NYS DOCS. It presents 17 observations regarding the current environment of NYS DOCS and identifies four categories of benefits obtainable through the use of an EHR, as well as seven recommendations for future steps. The recommendations focus on building the capability of the organization to be successful in their effort to implement EHR functionality in the correctional system

Assessing Mobile Technologies in Child Protective Services
Mobile technologies have the potential to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Child Protective Service (CPS) investigations. This assessment report was prepared under a contract with the NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). The purpose of the work was to assess the performance of mobile technologies deployed in a pilot test program with CPS field workers. Based on the full range of assessment results and current practices research, the report includes recommendations for further technology deployment and evaluation.

Balancing Growth: Building Performance Measurement Capability in the Town of Bethlehem
Local governments are increasingly concerned with ways to get the best performance out of limited tax dollars. Town of Bethlehem officials asked CTG to work with them to develop a preliminary performance measurement framework for the Police Department to support better use of information for public safety and planning. The report includes fifteen recommendations for moving forward with the implementation of the framework in the police department, as well as a set of critical success factors to consider for extending the performance framework concept to other departments.


The following case studies were conducted as part of Public ROI—Advancing Return on Investment Analysis for Government IT. The case studies examined how a significant government IT investment was conceived and developed, with particular attention to the role of public value in the process.

Service New Brunswick was launched during a time when citizens were pressuring New Brunswick, Canada for improved service delivery. Today it serves the province through its award winning service delivery model, and maybe more importantly in the long run, through its innovations in economic development.

The goal of The Austrian Federal Budgeting and Bookkeeping System project was to redesign and integrate the electronic workflow of the federal government’s budget and bookkeeping processes. The project strategy was to develop a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software standard throughout the federal government, along with the adoption of necessary legal authority.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Integrated Enterprise System Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software implementation put in place the technical infra-structure and enterprise standards for core government administrative functions to achieve improved public value.

The Government of Israel’s Merkava Project is an effort to restructure the financial, logistic, and human resource components of governmentwide administration into an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Merkava is also part of a comprehensive eGovernment initiative that includes five layers of new technologies and operational systems for enhanced internal operations and improved benefits and services to citizens.

The Washington State Digital Archives is the first state archives dedicated specifically to the preservation of electronic records from both state and local agencies that have permanent legal, fiscal, or historical value. The goal of the program is to make the historical electronic records easily accessible to the public, from anywhere, at anytime.

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